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Can you think of another term that is loaded with as much hostility and love as the church?
Over the centuries, the supernatural idea has been the fuel for great transformation and reformation, but also tremendous pain and destruction.
Church can elicit tears of joy and tears of ‘not so much’ joy.
But, in its purest form the church is something very special – for it is the bride of Jesus. No matter how beat down and broken she may be, she remains the object of Christ’s affection.

The beauty comes in realizing this is us. His love covers us. His protection shields us. His commitment carries us. His grace trumps our weakness.

At CrossPointe – His story has become our story. Like any great story there is an origin, a transformation and a destination.

OUR ORIGIN People far from God.

Our beginnings are not pretty. We don’t try to hide that beneath religious jargon or internal regulations. Our beginnings were rooted in great opposition to God.
If you find yourself with little to no interest in the things of God…
If you feel you have been disqualified from ‘churchy’ things…
If you see yourself as an outsider in the land of religious insiders…
Then you are our kind of people.
No matter what kind of cologne we may spray on ourselves – this is who we were.

And, more than anything we want you to know about the grace that is now the light by which we see the world. In Jesus we realized that life didn’t have to be “like that” anymore.


There are certain things that change overnight… there are many more things that take time. Having read countless church’s purpose statements and goals it’s easy to throw up a nice phrase that may sound something like “we want to develop fully devoted follower of Christ” or “we will not rest until everyone is a mature and complete believer.” It may look great in a relevant font plastered on a business card, but the reality is this transformation can be difficult in the messiness of life.

The concept is true- we want to be in partnership with Jesus to build and equip strong followers for Jesus. This is without question our desire; to stand together as a community, striving to become more like Jesus and less like our old self. Simply put, our desire is that He increase and we decrease. And, this is the fun part. Connecting the dots from beginning to end. This is our community. We do have structure to help undergird the building up and equipping of people – but, CrossPointe is unapologetically more organic than many people are used to.

We want to Love God with all of our hearts and souls and minds and strength, and that transformation doesn’t always bode best in a classroom environment.

We are committed to helping you engage in three environments.

OUR DESTINATION. Kingdom Catalysts.

Although our final destination is live in the fullness of being with God forever, we long to live that hope out in our communities. From our neighborhoods to the nations we want Jesus to live through us to love radically, give generously, and go sacrificially.

And, we want to love others with the same type of radical love that was shown to us.
To be fair, life isn’t always easy – but, it is good. It is so good.
And it is such a joy and gift to link arms with this community and family as we move daily toward the finish line.


Worship Service on Sunday mornings begins at 10 a.m.

Children’s Sunday morning program, 252 Basics, begins at 9:30 a.m. in individual classrooms in our education building.

CrossPointe Community Church
163 Bear Pen Creek Rd
Laurel, MS 39443

For more information contact us at ryan@crosspointechurch.org

Helping people far from God become Kingdom catalysts