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Grandfather i’d close friend admitted into ICU in complete heart failure…very low chance of survival….need the Lord for him to pull through!

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Close family friend and employee at company with a wife and two kids under age 10. Just found out he has rare blood cancer with a 50/50 chance.

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The only way to Heaven.

If We want go to unknow place that We do not know the way to unknow place,
We need person that He ever go to that place or person from that place
pick up us, so We do not get lost
This way of thinking is very reasonable and It can accept by our logic.

If We want go to Heaven, we need person that He know the way go to
Heaven or person from Heaven go to the Earth and He able go back
again, to Heaven. The person is Jesus, He go back to Heaven
witnessed by his disciples (Acts 1:9-11), so Jesus does not have
Grave on the Earth. Jesus able bring You to Heaven, But another person
that his grave on the Earth, then You does not know his spirit go to
Heaven or go to Hell. This person is not sure bring You to Heaven.

How to follow Jesus by follow his word and do it.
How to know his word by reading bible every day.
Please inform to every person who believe Jesus as God son.

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A dear friend lost her significant other to suicide this week. Prayers for hope, peace and to feel God’s arms wrap around her.

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Please pray for a close friend of our family who was found unconscious and unresponsive on 5 days ago and spent the last 4 days in ICU and detox ward due to pills and alcohol. He is finally headed to a rehab facility today. Please pray that he has the strength and will to break this cycle of destruction and reclaims his life. He asked that I not use his name when I told him as well as myself and my family, our church would pray for him.

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Please pray for the people of the Dominican Republic and prepare their hearts to be receptive to those from our church that will share with them next month.

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Casey Watts

My mom just called and my dad has had a chemical line explode into his eyes and he can’t see anything and is hurting really bad. He was at his oil field in Raleigh. They are trying to get to him now. Just pray they get to him quickly and it doesn’t cause any permanent damage.

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Sheri Taylor

Jaron Rawls,18, Leukemia has returned to his body. He will have a spinal tap today and begin 28 days in the hospital with chemo. Possible bone marrow transplant in a couple of months. He and his family live in Pearl, MS.

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Todd Arnold

Update on Tiffany and Danny Smith: Tiffany gave birth to all 5 babies prematurely and they are very fragile. Please pray for strength for the babies and their parents.

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Melanie Stephens

Update on specific prayer needs for Robby:
1)He is in severe pain with his shoulder and can’t get relief, pray that his pain would ease up.
2)He also just found out that he has “chemo cataracts” and will have to have surgery on both eyes towards the end of the month. 3)Lastly, he has a new scan set up in a week and please be in prayer for God’s healing of the cancer throughout his body.