Melanie Stephens

Please continue to pray for complete healing for my dad (Robby Wood). His cancer is continuing to decrease in size and disappearing from various areas of his body it is taking up residence. Continue to pray for emotional, mental and physical comfort and healing for him.

Sandy toombs

Please pray for my daughter and myself as we struggle for a new beginning.

Sheri Taylor

Please pray for Angela Fry and Jeannie Jordan and their parents, Al and Peggy. Their mom has cancer, and their dad is having tests run for heart and blood pressure problems. Pray for comfort and healing.


Please pray for Matt and Nikki Sumrall.


Please pray for healing for little Sofia Monsivais. Her appendix ruptured and doctors performed surgery this afternoon. Please pray that the infection is contained and that she quickly recovers.


Please pray for healing and comfort for Pastor Larry Windham, who is battling a form of luekimia.


Please pray for my family. My grandmother passed last night and I believe this will be very hard on my extended family as most are not followers of Jesus. Please pray specifically that this difficult time will show them their need for Jesus and that they might come to know him from this.


Hope, wisdom and guidance for a friend in an abusive marriage.

Amanda McLeod

Please pray for Hunters dad, Johnny McLeod (leukemia). We have found a bone marrow match but pray for Johnny to respond to this last round of chemo well so we can move forward with the transplant. Also, pray for Hunters mom, Jo Lynn, as it’s tough spending so much time in the hospital away from home, work, and family.

Paula Burnes

William and I have been under tons of stress since Oct. With the illness and death of my father in Nov. Now we are under stress with the illness of William’s mom, Geraldine. Please pray for strength prace comfort wisdom and God’s loving hands over us on us. Thank you

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