D Groups

“Discipleship is not just A mission of the church, it is THE mission of the church.”

In Matthew 28, Jesus commands his church to GO and make disciples. Successful discipleship as Jesus modeled for us was two part; invite & challenge. At Crosspointe, we have two environments to facilitate spiritual development among our believers. Small groups and D-groups.

Small groups are open groups that serve as our environment for ‘invite.’  However, open groups alone cannot provide the proper structure and accountability that foster well rounded biblical discipleship. Closed groups help foster environments for challenge, confidentiality, and accountability.

Groups begin with a covenant that members make between themselves to read, pray for each other, and memorize scripture together.

Our groups currently use pastor Robby Gallaty’s bible reading plan, ‘Foundations.’ This is a chronologically study through the Bible in one year, starting with the Old Testament. There are 5 days of reading and journaling, along with 1 memory verse per week. D-groups are a year long journey of commitment and dedication to growing in Christ with the expectation of group multiplication upon completion.

D-groups emphasize the important principles of modeling, practicing, and multiplying as we obey Jesus’ great command to make disciples.


Interested in joining a D-Group or learning more about what it means to be in one? Fill out this form and we’ll be happy to talk with you!

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